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Gorump Peyya - Changes (2009)

Artist: Gorump Peyya
Album name: Changes
Catalogue: MDREC-15
Format: Digipak
Release Date: October 2009
(p) + © 2009 Manic Dragon Records
Mastered by Tim Schuldt at 4CN-Studios
Artwork by Quasga

Release notes:

The name behind the project Gorump Peyya is Meto Kocev from Macedonia. Meto has a stylish way for producing music, in his sounds you will find intense dark-ness, hope, and appreciation to excellent trips that will blast off freakadelic frequencies through dreamfields. His sounds keep getting stronger and higher as he intends to take the listener into a dream of psy-fi high flying! His first album titled "Mystery Of Nitzzy" was released on 5th Element Recs in 2008 and since then Meto has had a huge fan following around the globe. He has previously collaborated with various artists such as Phobos Azazel, Claw, Necropyscho, K_Lapso, Plaex, Blisargon Demogorgon, Infect Insect, Fragletrollet, Wizack Twizack, Furious etc. and has a side project with Silent Horror named "Isentropic" which released an album through Namah Recs in 2007. His latest side project named "Biosynthesis" which creates forest freak sounds had a few tracks released on Mighty Quinn Recs earlier this year. Manic Dragon is extremely proud to present Gorump Peyya's final project album "Changes" as after this album, his project will be stopped! Hope all his supporters will support his last full length album and share his dreams which he portrays through these new unique sounds which he always wishes to Change people's way towards approaching life! We thank all our close friends and families who have stood behind us in giving Meto support at all times!


1. Lycans
2. 9 months
3. GORUMP PEYYA and KAOS - magic monkey
4. Juice
5. Fischers Fritz Fischt Frische Fische
6. GORUMP PEYYA and SECTIOAUREA - Nipple Complex
7. Muschi Track(Do You Believe)
8. Later Or Maybe Later
9. Very Powerful Psychedelic
10. Join Me


Tags: dark, gorump peyya, music
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