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VA Wasted Brigade (2009), Devils Mind Records

Release Notes:

Devils Mind Records brings you new aural transmissions from the deep forests of Sweden! The concept to which Devils Mind always has adhered is to create a melting pot of music, mixing new names with long-time family members, and this compilation has been pieced together accordingly by the Devils Mind Family. With an abundance of lush, vivid soundscapes, fireworks and otherworldly phenomena, we invite you to enlist in the Wasted Brigade – a 79-minute, ten-chapter adventure for fans of night time psytrance. If you liked the artwork of other Devils Mind releases such as Durdom and Patterns EP, we are happy to inform you that oHm at Illumination Design also designed the artwork for Wasted Brigade. As goes for the mastering, Colin OOOD made sure that everything sounds loud and clear without compromising the sound quality. Like our previous compilations, Wasted Brigade will only be available in a limited edition of 500 copies.


01. Sulima - Mine [07:42]
02. Wizack Twizack - My Dear [07:48]
03. Kiriyama & M.W.S. - E.S.O.K. [07:25]
04. Pink Bunny Boy - Fuck You, I Hate You [08:31]
05. Kiriyama - Desolation II (Silent Horror Rmx) [06:48]
06. Freakiller - Emergency [07:13]
07. Derango - Sonic Circumstances [09:30]
08. Taigan Sunset - Look At Your... [07:59]
09. Melorix Vs Skunks Of Satan - Braincracker (Devil's Min [09:57]
10. Total Vs Aremakki - Axel Fucked [06:26]

Tags: dark, music, va
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