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Кусочек красивейшего down tempo and up-tempo melodic Goa Trance....

Выкладываю альбом французского продюссера Khetzal - Corolle [2005]. Обязателен к скачиванию!!! Я наверное не совру, если скажу, что это один из самых красивых альбомов, который я когда-либо слышал в стиле Goa Trance.

Khetzal - Corolle

Label: Suntrip Records
Catalog#: SUNCD03
Format: CD
Country: Belgium
Released: 14 Nov 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Goa Trance
Credits: Artwork By - DJ Zen
Mastered By - Tim Schuldt

Real Name: Matthieu Chamoux
Profile: Ambient/chillout & goa-trance artist.
URL: http://khetz.free.fr/
Aliases: Matthieu Chamoux

1 Khetzal Listening Winds (8:58)
2 DJ Zen Anamatha (Remix) (8:54)
Remix - Khetzal
3 Khetzal Bells Of Sarnath (8:09)
4 Khetzal Narayana (7:37)
5 Khetzal Ganesha Pramana (7:57)
6 Khetzal Indian Attic (8:57)
7 Khetzal Djaningar (9:09)
8 Khetzal Nyiragongo (7:58)
9 Khetzal Avasari (8:04)

http://ifolder.ru/1015746 part 1
http://ifolder.ru/1015813 part 2
VBR, 110 mb
password: http://community.livejournal.com/stav_trance

Khetzal is Matthieu Chamoux, a producer from Lyon. He studied violin & music for 12 years. His album is a true story, a mix between down tempo and up-tempo melodic Goa Trance with spiritual, eastern influences! Every track tells an imaginary trip in countries where one can meet traditional instruments with deep and enchanting resonance, along with a lot of sound appearances of Nature, all this blended in an evocative form. Expect a fairytale, a travel to the jungles of South America and India.
Tags: goa, khetzal, music
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