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Etnica - Alien Protein [1996], Goa

Label: Blue Room Released
Catalog#: BR 014 CD
Format: CD
Country: UK
Released: Apr 1996
Genre: Electronic
Style: Goa Trance
Credits: Producer, Written-By, Programmed By - Etnica
Notes: " Real is not how you are made "

Recorded at Soundbusters Studio Milano, Italy.

Total time: 67:40 - EFA 69014-2

Real Name: Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti & Max Lanfranconi
Profile: An Italian band that was producing goa trance since its beginning, evolving with changing times. Over the course of the years two members left, leaving only Max Lanfranconi and Maurizio Begotti. They actually started producing early goa tracks in 1992 and the track Tribute (To Goa) composed in 1993 was a huge success in goa.
URLs: http://www.etnicanet.net/
Aliases: P.S.O.I., Pleiadians
Members: Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti, Max Lanfranconi
Name Variations: Etnica | Etnica Group

1 Screaming Butterfly (8:38)
2 Chakra Active 8 (7:49)
3 Party Droid (8:39)
4 Z-Plane Sunrise (8:56)
5 Microdrive (8:42)
6 Starship 101 (8:43)
7 Deep East (7:05)
8 Trip Tonite (9:06)

password: http://community.livejournal.com/stav_trance
качество 128 kbps
61.25 Мб

Дискогс поставил сабжу 4.4 / 5 из более чем 60 проголосовавших, что несомненно очень высокая оценка..
Наиболее яркие треки: Chakra Active 8, Party Droid, Microdrive, Starship 101.
Стоит ли слушать: обязательно
Tags: etnica, goa, music
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