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VA - Bread & Circus (2012) Antiscarp

Исполнитель: VA 
Диск: Bread & Circus 
Дата релиза: 14.09.2012 
Лейбл: Antiscarp Records 
Жанр: Psychedelic 
Стиль: Suomisaundi 
Формат: mp3 
Битрейт: 320kbps 
Кол-во композиций: 10 
Время звучания: 66:14 
Размер: 152Mb (+3% Information for recovery) 


01.Havoc - Stars 
02.Mindex - Friday Rush 
03.Phosporic - Glowfield 
04.Scum Unit - Behind the Lines 
05.Storge - Enayama 
06.Tres Lost Amigos - Nightrider 
07.Kyril & Eskobar - Unicorn Fields 
08.Yhtiot - Ryssa Rulettaa 
09.Melufantti & Thundermaster - Frostitution 
10.Club Kooma - Take Care 

From the acid-soaked amplifiers of Antiscarp Records comes a freshly-baked batch of totally bonkers tracks, guaranteed to turn the dancefloor into a psychedelic circus. The ringmaster behind this compilation is none other than Romanian renegade Alecu Berbecu and features far-flung funk-chunks straight outta Finland, Japan, Russia, Israel and beyond. Deadly bread cooked up from the heads of the worlds most cutting-edge suomisaundi and freeform freaks, jugglers and smugglers that will have you snuggling up to the speakers with all your sisters and brothers.

Tags: music, suomi, va
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