February 23rd, 2008


Второй альбом Mubali в июне

Mubali - Shenanigans [Trishula] 2008

Second Album Info

All music has been completed for my second album, which will be released on Trishula Records. I'm waiting for the artwork right now, but that should be finished by the end of this month. I'm shooting to have the album out prior to summer, but it might end up getting released in June.

The album is titled Shenanigans, it will feature 10 original trance tunes, 8 of which were made solely by me. To keep in theme with my previous album, I have 2 collaborations tracks featured on the album as well. One of the collaborations is with San Diego native Bodhisattva 13:20. The other is with Dj Lauryn from Philly /NYC/Boston. here's a sneak peek at the track listing....

1. Mubali - Funk in Ya Trunk 145 bpm
2. Mubali - Assfaced (dedicated to ATL psy) 144 bpm
3. Mubali - Smile, We Still Can't See You 149 bpm
4. Mubali & Lauryn - Beer Goggles 145 bpm
5. Mubali - Narcolepsy 144 bpm
6. Mubali - Artificial Freaks 147 bpm
7. Mubali - Steaming Pile of Trippy 148 bpm
8. Mubali - F&*% Yeah 148 bpm
9. Mubal - Sinister Minister 150 bpm
10. Mubodhi (Mubali & Bodhisattva 13:20) - Procrastinatory Definition (a.k.a. We'll Name it Later)

Most of the artwork will be done by Nicholas August Larson