November 24th, 2008


VA - Midnight's Shared Blossom, Osom Music

Label: Osom Music
Genre: Dark Psy
Release Date: Dec.200-09

OSOM - Exorcisto
OSOM - Xaggittariuss
KDD & Technical Hitch - Midnight`s Blossom
KDD & Select Project - Power snap
Psykovsky & Furious - Cat Returns
Psykovsky & Energy Loop - Mess in the Shop
OSOM - Sametc
OSOM - Shelest Plashey
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    Procs - Stuck In The Oven With Me [2005]
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VA - Freaks United, Echo Vortex Records

Alien Mental Meets Dylalien - Alien Exchange Program
Freaks On Mental Earth - Cup n Saucers
Jibber Jabber Meets Polyphonia - Deceptive Perceptions
Alien Mental Meets Polyphonia - Baba Life
Jibber Jabber On Earth - Alien Seed
Jibber Jabber meets The Fractal Cowboys - deXeLoR8r
The Fractal Cowboys On Mental Earth - Another Day
Alien Mental Meets Psykovsky - A Secret Mission (Mental RMX)
Jibber Jabber Meets Aerofurious - Genetik Research
Jibber Jabber Meets The Nommos - Last Plan
Jibber Jabber = Zik + Alien Mental

Spring 2009