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VA - Worldbridger mixed by Goa Gil [2007], Dark

Label: Avatar Records
Catalog#: AVA042
Format: CD, Mixed
Released: May 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance, Dark
DJ Mix - Goa Gil
Playtime - 72:58 min


1 Intro - AUM (0:28)
2 Horror Place - The Search For Truth (7:33)
3 Orestis - Contact With Peace (6:17)
4 The Nommos - Between Worlds (6:53)
5 Polyphonia - Challo (6:47)
6 Kin Dza Dza - 9 Energy Transformers (5:53)
7 Stranger - Worldbridger (5:12)
8 Freaks Of Nature - White Grizzly (6:27)
9 Savage Scream - Shadow Walker (6:58)
10 Kulu - Virtual Revolution (6:09)
11 Cosmo vs Cerebral Factory - Reality Hackers (6:41)
12 Sonik Scizzor - Nature's Roar (7:20)
13 Outro - Tomorrows World (0:18)

VA_-_Worldbridger-Mixed_by_Goa_Gil-2007-MYCEL.part1.rar 95.78 Мб
VA_-_Worldbridger-Mixed_by_Goa_Gil-2007-MYCEL.part2.rar 13.47 Мб
password: http://community.livejournal.com/stav_trance
Encoder....... LAME 3.97
Bitrate....... VBRkpbs
Mode.......... Joint-Stereo

"Two years have passed since the brilliant album Karmageddon by Goa Gil, that was enthusiastically received worldwide. The wait for the new album was long and the expectations were high. Worldbridger has turned out to be above and beyond all forecasts.It is scheduled for release on Avatar Records in April 2007. Worldbridger is an aural odyssey, an adventurous high tech heaven, building peaks and breaking boundaries in terms of sound and musical direction. In this album, The Maestro Goa Gil is daring more than ever. All tracks have been written and composed specially for this album by cutting edge artists and producers, put together by The Top Psychedelic Trance Guru, gifted with the talent of sensing the sound of tomorrow. With every album he manages to set a new standard and change the consumption needs of the psy trance scene."

Не знаю почему они называют компиляцию альбомом, но так или иначе сабж получился зачетным. Треки за номерами 4 и 6 вскрывают неподетски. Последние треки почти хардкор.
Без Гоа Гила больше не курю ;)
Спасибо тебе дедушка. Своди есчо!
Tags: dark, goa gil, music, va
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