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Talamasca - Obsessive Dream [2007] 2xCD, fullon

Genre: Psychedelic, fullon
Label: Mind Control / Farm Records
Hyperlink: http://www.mindcontrolrecords.com/
Catalog#: TFA88
Store.Date: 2007-04
Release.Date: 2007-04-17
Tracks: 18
Playtime: CD1: 69:16 CD2: 69:08
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Bitrate: VBRkpbs
Mode: Joint-Stereo


CD 1

01. Talamasca - Obsessive Dream
02. Talamasca - Get It All
03. Talamasca - My Destiny
04. Talamasca - Feelings
05. Talamasca - Supernatural
06. Talamasca - Flashback
07. Talamasca - Overload
08. Talamasca - Spiritual Renewal
09. Talamasca - Party Generation

CD 1.part1.rar 95.78 Мб
CD 1.part2.rar 7.26 Мб

CD 2

01. Talamasca & Spacecat - On Purpose
02. Talamasca & XSI & DJ Gogo - The Good Team
03. Talamasca & Sirius Isness - Breaking the Matrix (Remix)
04. Talamasca & Skazi - Imaginary Friend
05. Talamasca & GMS - High Vibe (Live Version)
06. Talamasca & Shagma - This isnt a Mistake
07. Talamasca & Eskimo - To be Continued
08. Talamasca & XSI - Frenchman in Tokyo (Remix)
09. Talamasca & Yuman - Ambient N Roll

CD 2.part1.rar 95.78 Мб
CD 2.part2.rar 4.32 Мб

password: http://community.livejournal.com/stav_trance

Cedric says:

This fifth album is, i think, the most personnal album i did...my first album was...a first album...then i did Musica divinorum, released on Spiral trax in 2001, which was very personnal too, but i was still learning how the machines works...then Zodiac, my third Album, with the concept of the twelve astrologic signs "transe-lated" into music, but the concept itself, and even if I am still proud of this album, "closed" me in itself...I was not free because i was following the concept..and the fourth album, "Made in trance", was more a collaboration album, made with french artists as the first cd of my label, Mind control...But this fifth one, "OBSESSIVE DREAM" is, i believe, the most achieved of my albums. My "fans" won't be disapointed because I, of course, kept the same energy and the same taste as I always had, but the production has increased a looooot !!!! I am now quite proud of my mix, and i know by playing those tracks every week end that they do the job they are made for : MAKE THE PEOPLE DANCE AND ENJOY THE ЁPARTY !!!

А таламаска молодец. Добрый утренний летний фулончик.
Tags: fullon, music, talamasca
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