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Okta - Kyseesh 2009

Okta is one of the projects by Finnish producer Marlo Snellman. The Okta sound has been in a constant yet unpredictable state of research and development since 2002, and today, as his debut project album, "Kyseesh" illustrates, great emphasis is placed upon experimentalism, classification-defying fusions of style, and heavy doses of smiles and fun. These sounds strive not to take themselves too seriously, and the result is a free-flowing progression of timeless music which goes where it may and invites you along for a smile inducing digital journey built to be experienced in a dance friendly setting. Marlo, under the "Okta" project, has to date performed over 50 acclaimed performances across Russia and Europe. His main musical influences have been his extensive collection of old records which span the genres and eras of music, as well as rare, vintage analogue synth instruments, which these days are often imitated and almost never duplicated, but serve to enrich and power his sound with a sort of vibration even the most jaded aficionado and hardened dancer can easily wrap their brains and toes around. Soon to be released on Moscow based label Hippie Killer Productions, Okta's sound has already built up a tried and true reputation for creativity and innovation, and soon the rest of the world will also recognize, understand, and enjoy.

01. Kyseesh
02. Go Inside
03. Fixx
04. Amy Rock
05. Runnit
06. Adopted Filter
07. Raaq
08. Tomita
09. Shopping
10. Have A Coke And A Smile
11. Mc Pussy & Delicious
12. Number 11
13.Yaros Palace

Hippie Killer Productions


thx shanti_kot
Tags: music, okta, suomi
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