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VA Psy-Harmonics Vol.1 (1994)

Artist.....> VA
Album......> Psy-Harmonics Vol. 1
Label......> Psy-Harmonics Records
Rel.date..> 05.10.2004
CatalogNr..> Psy-009
Str.date..> 00.00.1994
No.Tracks..> 08
Source.......> CDDA
Lenght.....> 70:24 min
Grabber......> EAC
Size.......> 96,4 MB
Encoder......> Lame (Actual Ver.)
Type.......> Sampler
Quality......> VBRkbps / 44,1kHz
Style......> Psychedelic
Channel Mode.> Joint-Stereo

The inaugraul Psy-Harmonics Compilation boasts some beauties, largely lifted from previous releases by the artists on the label including Zen Paradox, LumuKanda and of course,Third Eye. Outstanding is Mystic Force's eponymous 15 minute contribution, which is perfect at home or nout, somehow breaking all that's formulaic in what is currently referred to as techno. |::
The opening track from (Third Eye) Dance of Creation also introduced the Psy-Harmonics Compilation . 'Dying (Hard)' (a reworking of the original), like the other Third Eye track included - 'VeVe' - is characteristic of the direction of artists and label. But where the bulk of Third Eye's latest material is plain ordinary, "VeVe" featuring singer Kerri Simpson , it's is driven more by vocal bites than most of the repertoire in PSY's stable. It has a kind of mystic, float tank- inducing, chanting effect. It's easy to imagine OLsen and his Melbourne-based peers as mad professors, frantically twiddling knobs and dails to find a sonic space ithero uninhabited. The production is top notch, as one would expect from this most prolific collective of studio boffins.... Naomi Dinnen Rolling Stone Magazine July 1994


01. Third Eye - Dying (Hard)
02. Zen Paradox - The Light at the End... (Remix)
03. Mystic Force - Clearlight
04. Lumukanda - Red Black & Mellow (Awakening)
05. Kerri Simpson with Third Eye - Veve
06. Lumukanda - Dance Ov Thee Pink Elephants (Friendly Floor Mix)
07. Zen Paradox - Void Spirit
08. Mystic Force - Mystic Force (Psychic Harmony Mix) 14:50

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